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Santorini, also known as Thira, is widely considered to be the most spectacular island of Greece, full of charm and relaxing energy. Thousands of tourists come every year in awe of the caldera of the volcano, a legacy of what was probably the world's largest volcanic eruption ever.
This eruption, which occurred in 1647 BC, caused the middle of the volcano to subside, leaving a caldera of high cliffs - one of the world's most spectacular geographic phenomena.
This is a theory postulated by Plato, one that has fired the imagination of writers, artists and mystics since ancient times ... was the island of Santorini really the lost Atlantis ?

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Sit back, relax and view our photo gallery of Santorini. We present you with destinations that OceanWave Tours has selected to give you a an interesting and varied memory of our beautiful island.

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